About Us

RCW Design & Remodeling is an evolution of a dream which began in 1995. Built from scratch using hard work and focus on our Three Points of Trust which include Product Knowledge, Professional Workmanship and Lasting Customer Relationships. Today, with over nineteen years of dedication, we have established strong relationships with customers, manufacturers and distributors.

In 2014, RCW was developed into an interior and exterior design center experience with products and services in floors, kitchens, baths, painting, windows, decks, all exteriors and full service remodeling.

No More Showroom! We are Mobile and Agile!

After nearly thirty years of operating a retail flooring and remodeling business, we came to the realization that by reinventing our business as a mobile and agile remodeling service there would be many benefits to our customers. First, by going mobile we would be able to follow our passion of designing and managing jobs more closely, with greater time spent with customers and project sites! Second, by saving money on overhead costs such as retail space rent, we could pass the savings onto our great customers!

Licensed, Bonded, Insured, MHIC # 131965

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Living Rooms


We offer a large selection of quality area rugs, carpets, ceramic tiles, hardwood, and laminate.  Our large selection and fifteen years of expertise will guide you in choosing the right flooring for your needs.
  Eco-Friendly Options Green building is no longer a trend; it is a mainstay. Schools, healthcare facilities, businesses and public facilities recognize the benefits of building green, and governmental entities are even passing laws to mandate future green construction of public and private buildings. Ask us about our eco-friendly options and contribute towards creating a better environment for the future.


Cabinets & Vanities

Create, transform and revive your dream of a beautiful kitchen with our wide selection of designer cabinets. Let your imagination, our designer cabinets and talented designers transform your home into a charming, rustic retreat or a cosmopolitan residence. Skillful craftsmanship, the finest materials and meticulous furniture-quality finishes give you the enduring style you want. With more combinations of color, styles and wood types than you can ask for, our cabinet collections from Medallion Cabinetry® and Armstrong® give you the flexibility to create your dream kitchen. Hand-applied stains and varnishes create a finish is beautiful, easy-to-clean and durable. Create a custom kitchen without the custom price.


Not sure whether Silestone or Granite is best for your needs? RCW Design & Remodeling experts can help you choose, granite, silestone or synthetic countertops for yoru kitchen cabinets or bath vanities. Our expert staff will not only help design but fabricate and install your new countertops.


Transform and revive your bath space into an amazing oasis. From floor to ceiling your bath can be changed into a great place to start your day or a cozy place to relax at the end of a long day. Ceramics can add a traditional as ell as modern look, depending the style. Warm tones, glass shower entrances and fixtures will mix comfort and functionality.



Electrical and lighting projects require expertise and safety. RCW Design & Remodeling can transform your home by changing the lighting in your kitchen, bath or bedrooms. From ceiling hung fans to recessed lights to the installation of your new electric appliance, we can help.


RCW Design & Remodeling will work with you to plan, sketch and place a single board of drywall to drywalling an entire unfinished basement. Drywaling and framing are the first steps in finishing a basement or creating a new room in the house. Add value to your home by finishing your basement, creating additions and patching and repairing drywall.


One of the best ways to rejeuvenate a home is to introduce new colors and textures to your ceilings and walls. Let RCW Design & Remodeling experts help you select your perfect brand and color, while managing the timely and professional painting of any room with as many colors and textures as imaginable.



One of the most enjoyable and memorable actvities of the summer is to relax on a great looking and dependable deck. RCW Design & Remodeling can help you enjoy barbeques, parties and family lunches on your new or improved deck. Designers can help you build your deck using wood and synthetic materials not only add beauty but durability. Being a fully licensed contractor, RCW will work with your local government and home owner's association to ensure nothing will stop the memories you will create on your deck.


Siding not only improves the facade of a home, but provides added endurance and heat/cold resistance. The proper siding for a new home revitalizes the look and environment of your home, transforming an existing home into a seemingly new one from the outside. You will also save money on your home heating and cooling bills, overtime making your new siding a cost effective decision. Let RCW Design & Remodeling help you select the right siding from a variety of the major vendors.

Windows & Doors

Today, the right windows and doors can help you save hundreds on your home heating and cooling bills. Not only will your energy consumption decrease but with the expertise of RCW Design & Remodeling you can select new Low-E Government Approved Windows which are eligible for tax deductions of up to $5,000 annually. New doors will also strengthen the integrity of your home, by both protecting you and creating a strong first impression to visitors.